Cas Repo

Welcome to the repo

Hello! I'm Cas. This site is a work in progress. First thing, I wanted to create a repository for my software, starting with my Stunts-related project. I would also like to add some other software I made later on as well as soom Stunts-related tools made by other community members. Everything here is free software or otherwise, I have the necessary rights to distribute it. I'm also planning on creating some articles and post some ideas. Thanks for visiting :)

Stunts-related software

These are some of the software I made for Stunts, mirrored here for easy download

Bliss Track Editor 2.6.1 - Create and edit your tracks for Stunts. User-friendly, feature-rich editor.
CarWorks 1.1 - Design, tune and configure your own Stunts cars
Simple Garage 2.1 - Manage which cars you're using and which you're storing. Console-based, powerful garage tool
Pretty Garage 1.1 - A graphical garage with online repository management capabilities.
Easy Tournament 1.0 - Host your own competition. Set it up in a snap with this web tool
Stunts Font Editor - Edit Stunts font to change its look